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Services We Provide

Christian Counseling Professionals provides therapy options for both Christian and non-Christian individuals. Experienced licensed therapists help navigate life's problems and mental health challenges, incorporating Biblical and spiritual principles. For those not interested in Christian therapy, personalized clinical services are available.


The God of hope fills believers with joy and peace, as seen in Romans 15:13.


Depression & Anxiety Therapy

Common signs of depression include sadness, loss of interest, changes in appetite, sleep issues, guilt, thoughts of suicide, and difficulty thinking. Common signs of anxiety include nervousness, tenseness, concentration issues, sleep problems, and panic.

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Trauma Therapy

Trauma can be acute, chronic, or complex, affecting a person's worldview, self-perception, and relationships. Therapy can address various forms of trauma, including abuse, abandonment, accidents, bullying, crime, divorce, domestic abuse, and witnessing traumatic events.


Grief Therapy

Grief stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Symptoms include intense sadness, hopelessness, and difficulty reminiscing about the deceased. Reactions may include shock, disbelief, anxiety, distress, anger, periods of sadness, sleep loss, and appetite loss.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a treatment that helps uncover negative patterns and develop positive thoughts, focusing on identifying feelings and beliefs.

Child Counseling

Children's Therapy

Early psychotherapy aids children in overcoming obstacles like bullying, divorce, and traumatic events, using play and therapeutic techniques, and incorporating Biblical and spiritual principles.


Adolescent & Teen Therapy

Adolescents and teens face numerous challenges, including parental separation, poor communication, and bullying. Therapy helps prevent negative cognitions from solidifying into adulthood, incorporating Biblical and spiritual principles.

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a counseling method that enhances sexual fulfillment, resolves conflicts, and addresses marital issues, utilizing effective communication, education, and homework assignments.

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Addiction Therapy

Substance abuse and addiction are distinct issues requiring distinct treatments. Counselors evaluate patients and create supportive environments to help them achieve success and resilience.

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Community Support Services

Counseling aids family members in addressing separation, mental health, isolation, teenage adjustment, fostering healthy boundaries, improving communication, and addressing dysfunctional interactions. 

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IOP Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are non-disruptive treatment methods for addictions, depression, and eating disorders, allowing patients to maintain their daily lives. They are often used alongside inpatient programs to facilitate smooth reintegration into families and communities, establishing support mechanisms and coping strategies.

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