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Comprehensive Community Support Services

These services are limited to Medicaid clients.

We offer full therapy, as well as community support services provided by Community Support Workers (CSW).
Community Support Workers are people who come alongside you to help
accomplish your daily living goals.

Community Support

CCSS services aim to help clients develop recovery and resiliency skills in real-life situations, empower them with allies, and work towards safety, stability, and well-being. They focus on enhancing natural talents and abilities while focusing on client-centered treatment goals.

Social Support

Support Workers can enhance communication, social skills, and relationship skills with friends and family. They can role-play conversations and practice these skills in public with peers, coworkers, and everyday people. They aim to help maintain healthy relationship skills and foster healthy friendships.

Support Group

Independent & Community Living

Community Support Workers (CCSS) assist individuals in achieving independent living goals, such as cooking, budgeting, and housing applications. They assist in finding secure housing, locating transportation, and managing finances. They also help with budgeting and wise spending. They also assist in setting up medical appointments and can help with other life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, and setting up medical appointments.

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Education & Learning

CCSS workers provide life skills training and educational assistance for individuals pursuing high school diplomas or college courses. They assist in finding suitable programs and acquiring certifications, and vocational classes. The HiSET Educational Program, a 6-week free program, helps students pass the High School Equivalency Test in Language Arts/Reading, Writing, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Computer lab services are available with a CSW present.

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CCSS workers assist individuals in developing work skills, building resumes, practicing interviews, applying for job openings, researching career interests, and finding employment. They also assist with job applications, interviewing, work ethics, cash assistance, and Social Security Income applications, as well as finding volunteer opportunities.

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The program provides groups with Support Workers to assist individuals with physical wellness, creative, and culinary skills, promoting healthy living and promoting leisure time. Physical wellness includes exercise classes for stress relief, while creative wellness involves art sessions for emotional expression and stress management. All tools and materials are provided.


If you would like more information about our Community Support Program, please contact our Outreach Director, Lee Roy Lucero. 

You no longer have to walk alone!

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