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Clouds in the Sky

About Us

For over 20 years, Christian Counseling Professionals has offered compassionate, multi-discipline professional counseling services. We are a non-profit organization founded to provide counseling services based on Christian principles.​Our belief in Christian principles and our understanding of God’s Word are integrated with accepted psychological practices.


Our licensed, experienced therapists, psychiatrists, and medical staff believe in the power of faith-based treatment, with God’s love providing a guiding hand in all of our work. We understand the challenges you face in today’s world and have the experience and expertise to treat your emotional and behavioral problems. We encourage active participation from our clients and their families in the counseling process, utilizing a “Client-Centered-Care” therapy model.​​


Christian Counseling Professionals is a full-service, multi-specialty behavioral health care service. We are staffed with licensed, experienced therapists with expertise in treating emotional and behavioral problems. In addition, we have a nurse practitioner on staff to support our counselors and provide medical care for those patients who require it. ​Our services combine modern therapeutic practices with Christian principles, with God’s love providing a guiding hand in all of our work.


We are committed to helping you heal by strengthening your resources, offering strategies for repairing relationships, and sharing skills for strengthening your family dynamics – all for a fuller, more satisfying life. ​We work in partnership with pastors, pastoral staff, teachers, employers, and other referral sources. We are here to serve you. 


Clouds in the Sky
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