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"For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."

Romans 8:18

Meet Brittany

Within my life, I have found great joy in caring for others on a deep empathetic level which caused me to be naturally curious about psychology when I entered college. If you were to ask me back then, I did not want to be a therapist, but the Lord showed me the gifts he planted within me to be a helper, encourager, listener, counselor. I had moved back to the States after having a year abroad in the United Kingdom when the Lord planted people in my life with whom I would become their mentor and spiritual leader.


Already majoring in Psychology during my undergrad with full understanding that I was going to be a missionary and travel throughout the world, God pulled at my heart to use my knowledge and love of psychology and faith to try something different. After receiving my Bachelor's at the University of New Mexico, I took a year off to search for what was in store for my life. It was then I took on my mentoring role at the local church very seriously to a few high schoolers. I ran bible studies, helped with the retreats, and met one-on-one with some of the girls throughout my spare time. It was then that I felt like I needed to use my love and joy to help others professionally and I needed to gain the education to do so. I applied to New Mexico Highlands University and graduated with my Master's in Guidance and Counseling with an emphasis on Clinical Mental Health. Currently, I find great pleasure in working with youth, specifically individual clients ages 13-18 but not limited to ages up to 64.


I believe that meeting the clients where they are and adapting to meet each client's needs is key to successful treatment planning and prognosis. I live with my husband and am an active member of my church located in Rio Rancho, NM. I love to play sports, hike or do anything outdoors, travel, read, and volunteer at in and out-of-state non-profit organizations. I counsel individuals, couples, and families. I specialize in anxiety disorders, depression disorders, conflict resolution, and life change. I am also certified in EMDR therapy, a trauma therapy that is empirically studied to help with PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc.

There is always hope!

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